Digital marketing experts say that if your small business can’t be found online, you might as well just not operate.
But how is having a website really beneficial?

We at Local Digi Marketing say you need a website! We have to prove that you are really missing out when you don’t have one yet.

So, take a look at this in 2016, 47.13 million of Filipinos are considered mobile users – all of these mobile phones can access data letting 26% be subscribed on Facebook. This means it’s the same amount of email addresses created and 90% of these are active users. Not just Facebook alone, various social media platforms hold high records of users as well. Instagram, Twitter, and SnapChat are great examples of garneting an average of 5.89 million local users.

Wow! The Philippines really is the social media capital of the world!

And don’t forget Google. In one day, there are 7.8 billion of searches are being made. We think it’s even safe to say that we ought to just “Google it” rather than as your real expert take googling illness symptoms. For example, don’t deny you have done that in the past before consulting your doctor.

So, what does this simply mean? Everyone is online in this day and age!

People cannot function without their phones, desktops, laptops, and tablets instead of reading the newspapers. Millennials now will opt for online use instead of watching our favorite TV shows. We go for online streaming instead of physically going to the shop. We are rapidly discovering the perks of online shopping.

So why are you not online yet?

This is the sign! It’s the cheapest deal on the market you’ll ever get to get yourself out there and there’s more…
Local Digi Marketing will not only create a website for your small business, we will promote it on Facebook for 3 months!

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Ready to get a website right this instant, just click on this link and submit your details and you’re guaranteed to have a website in 3 days!


Your Local Digital Marketing Small Business Website Includes:

1. DOMAIN AND HOSTING – one year .com registry and one-year web hosting

2. BROCHURE SITE WITH ALL YOUR BUSINESS’ INFORMATION – A showcase website that shows the most important information about your business. This includes :

  • ABOUT – A description of what your company is about, what you do and what you stand for. This is a great space where you can talk about what your company believes in to better connect you to your prospective and current customers.
  • SERVICES – A Comprehensive list of products and services you provide. This may include pricing to keep your audience fully informed.
  • GALLERY – A showcase of images that better describe your services and your company.
  • TESTIMONIALS – What others think of you help others to make a decision about you. Highlight all the good reviews and testimonials from your happy clients to build rapport and credibility.
  • BLOG – A website is not a set it and forget it type of endeavor. It is important that you create updates and keep your customers informed of new and exciting things happening within your organization. Keep your audience coming back to your site by providing new and informative information. Google loves new content as well. So keep ‘em coming back for more.
  • CONTACT – Now that they have found you online, how do they actually get you to me to them? This section will have all your pertinent info to make it easier for your website visitors to take the next step and hire you or buy from you. A website doesn’t have to be complicated and people usually buy from businesses that make it easy for them to understand if you are the right one for them and simple to contact. Make it easy to get to know you, connect with your visitors and make a new customer or keep an existing one happy and informed.

3. FACEBOOK MANAGEMENT – You will have an option to get monthly Facebook Maintenance for a low reasonable cost.

4. DIGITAL BRANDING PACKS AND ASSETS – This means they will get all branding assets to match their website so the branding and look and feel remains coherent across your representation. This includes a Business Card and Letterhead template you can fully customize. This also includes a custom Facebook Page cover to match.

5. SHORT TUTORIAL VIDEO ON HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE – Now that you have a website, what else can you do to make your online presence better. These are time-tested and proven ways to improve your visibility without taking all day to implement. These are easy to understand and simple to implement.

6. MANUAL TO UPDATE YOUR WEBSITE CONTENT – It would be annoying if every little change you want to make, whether add a phone number or a new gallery image you’d have to pay for it. With this manual, it gives you control over your website and allows you to make simple updates in your website instantly. You don’t have to have technical knowledge, it’s as simple as updating your social media status.

This package could easily cost you 20K – 30K. We have been doing this for a long time and we know the hurdles of getting started. For a fraction of the cost, literally a fraction, you can have one in 3 days!

Click the Get a Website button now and check out the inventory and claim your website today.


Picking Up Your Small Business Website Design

Depending on the small business niche, you have a lot of business themes to choose from our Supersites page. Currently, we have more than 300 designs to choose from ranging from restaurants to accounting firms and lifestyle centers. Nonetheless, each website theme may still be applicable as business front for a different business if you feel you can customize it.

Before You Buy

Before you buy a business website from Local Digi Marketing, there are 3 things you need to know.

  1. All our business websites are using the WordPress platform. In our 10 years of creating business websites, this is the easiest platform to use, by far. After the website build, it is super easy to set pages and posts – it is totally user-friendly!
    Just compare how small that is compared to paying a website developer, designer, and content writer.
  2. Right after you purchase your business website, we will need to ask you of your .com domain preferences. We can also have some suggestions for you. Please fill in the details we need after you purchase a business website.
  3. Once we completed the domain and hosting setup, we will again ask you to confirm and accept the conditions. The business website is put on temporary hold before within 2 days while we complete everything on our end.
    We just wanted to let you know exactly what to expect so there are no surprises later on.


Buying a Website for Your Small Business

Congratulations for taking the first steps to freedom! Now it’s time to get this started and finish everything in less than 15 minutes. Simply follow the instructions below to purchase your very OWN small business website:

1. Just go to our “Get a Website” page, you will be redirected to our “Supersites” page.

Get a Website page


2. Click on “Shop By Category”, then select a category of your business.

Shop By Category page


3. Pick a theme that perfectly fits on what you are your small business is all about.

Pick a theme page


4. You can “View Demo” to see the actual looks of your business website, then click “Add to Cart”.

View Demo Add Cart page

5. Proceed to “Cart” page and check the quantity and amount of your purchase.

Cart page


6. Then click on to “Checkout” page, and fill in the details and Payment Options. Currently, we are accepting Paypal, Direct Bank Transfer and Check payments.

Checkout page


7. Fill in all needed billing information and place your order.

Billing Information page


After you placed all the information about your payment of choice, a confirmation email will be sent to you to confirm that you have successfully purchased a business website from us.


What Happens after Purchase

After paying for your business website in Local Digi Marketing, we will begin the process of setting up domain registration and hosting setup.

Once we complete this, you will again be sent an email confirming that you accept ownership of this business website. Once you accept, you will be the full owner and you will be asked to select a plan to officially launch your business website as live in the web.

At purchase, you were asked for your Full Name and Email Address, it is important you give us that info correctly as we immediately create your admin logins for your business website. You will have to accept the invitation once you get it in your email so we can begin the process.

You will get a welcome email with the important details of your business website within a few minutes of purchase. This will contain access to the operations manual, your logo files as well as the branding packs and assets.

Once the process is done and the business website is under your realm, you will have to start setting up website posts and pages using the Manual for updating website content. Be sure to check out all the other information available to you for FREE a business website owner of Local Digi Marketing. We have compiled videos and lite training info to ensure your success.

Congratulations! You are a business website owner and ready to conquer online.


What Kind of Support Do I Get After I Buy?

There are a few things you get when you buy at Local Digi Marketing:

  • Access to the Digital Branding Packs and Assets with Tips and Tricks for Success. Documents, Links and Resources available to help you succeed online.
  • We have expert teams here at Local Digi Marketing that can help you in every aspect in running an business website. We have Virtual Assistants, Graphics Designers, Web Developer, Social Media Managers, Online Ads Specialists and the like. As an Local Digi Marketing Member, you will get access to these services at a very minimal cost to you. We are dedicated to your success and we don’t mind sharing our knowledge and resources.
  • We have access to expert training available if you want to learn advanced strategies in digital branding and online marketing. As a member of Local Digi Marketing, you can get these at special rates for our members.
    Your success is the only measure of ours here at Local Digi Marketing.


Can I Buy More Than One Business Website?

Yes, you can buy more than one business website. We want to make sure that you are serious about this business and you are buying more to scale and not just to buy.


What Other Services Do You offer?

We offer Content Writing and Management, Virtual Assistance, Customer Service Support, Graphic Design, Social Media Services, SEO and other Web-Related Services.

To find out more, simply fill out the details on the Contact page


What is the Local Digi Marketing Guarantee?

  • We Guarantee that you will get your business website within 3 days.
  • We Guarantee you Will get what we promised: Beautiful Custom Designed Business Website – Domain And Hosting, Brochure Site With All Your Business’ Information, Facebook Management, Digital Branding Packs And Assets, Short Tutorial Video On How To Improve Your Online Presence,Manual To Update Your Website Content
  • We cannot Guarantee Sales as all your sales is dependent on the traffic you generate based on the marketing campaign you launch. We will offer you all the support we can within our capacity to ensure your business website is a success. The rest of the legwork is on your hands.

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